• Wordpress
  • Woocommerce
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript


  • PHP
  • Appium
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite

Cross-platform Mobile Apps

  • PhoneGap/Cordova
  • Framework7
  • Dom7
  • PhoneGap Build


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Internet Marketing




"Fast worker, highly skilled and communication was great."

Stuart Williams, Web Division PL

Fix Website (Need done ASAP) + Will give Bonus


Aug 2018 - Oct 2018

"Very professional and dedicated. Would definitely hire again 10/10."

Hamzah Musazay, New Ventures

Wordpress contact form


Jul 2018

"Great work as usual. Highly recommend Vladimir for his attention to detail and communication."

Vadim Sahakian

Diagnose and fix script


Mar 2018 - Apr 2018

"Very good!!! nice experience..."

Giulio Cinelli, PianoWeb

Update correctly real estate properties


Mar 2018

"I've worked with Vladimir on several projects - he's simply the best. Highly recommended!"

Adam Haglund, Apelöga AB

WooCommerce site for kitchen company


May 2017 - Oct 2017

"Vladimir is really excellent, I would not hesitate to work with him again."

Nicolas Wolf, EINERSEITE

Develop Hybrid Mobile App


Mar 2017 - May 2017

"Vladimir is the best. Highly recommended!"

Adam Haglund, Apelöga AB

Post images on Instagram daily


Aug 2016 - Mar 2017

"It was a pleasure working with Vladimir, he was diligent and timely. We look forward to future works together."

Vadim Sahakian

Extract Instagram profiles that meet our specific criteria


Dec 2016

"Vladimir is the best. Very humble, and super skilled. Highly recommended!"

Adam Haglund, Apelöga AB

Wordpress config


Oct 2016 - Nov 2016

"We have now completed our second project with the developer. Good job!"

Swagat Mishra, Abc

Mobile App features upgrade


Sep 2016 - Oct 2016

"Vladimir is an excellent resource and he did a great job. This is a guy that sticks with guidelines and goes the extra mile to complete the project. We are definitely hiring him again soon."

Swagat Mishra, Abc

Need PhoneGap App and PHP-MySQL API for Mobile App


Jul 2016 - Sep 2016

"Vladimir is a great experience to work with. Kind, humble and very professional. I highly recommend him to anyone in need for a great freelancer."

Stuart Williams, Web Division PL

Cnange text in PDF files (Photoshop)


Aug 2016

"Very good"

Roopam Nayak

Convert Web App into Android App


Jul 2016

"This person is a rare worker, who takes your projects like it's own project, excellent work, excellent advises, this person is just a worker that you can trust 100%! Will certainly get back to him!"

Mehdi Radi, Wolfshore

PHP/JS to make a automatic BOT/BULK messages


Jun 2016 - Jul 2016

"Completed job successfully and communication back and forth was great."

Raymun Kohli, PokitDok

Web Scraping/Data Scraping


Jun 2016

Todd Rudnianyn, Neighborhood Storage

Use Scripts to place information from email into a google sheet


Jun 2016

"This guy knows his code. Great communication and hard work. Don't look anywhere else, this is your man!"

Richard Nielsen, Rick

Swap phone number in HTML with URL parameter via Javascript


May 2016

"Vladimir is technically skilled, a very good communicator and a true high performer. He exceeded my expectations on all levels. I plan to work with him again. Fortunate to have worked with him."

Andrea Shen

Social media implementation


May 2016

"Vladimir was great to work with! Very pleasant to communicate with, and skillful. I will hire him again!"

Adam Haglund, Apelöga AB

Download and upload large batch of images


Apr 2016

"Despite missing deadlines several hours, nevertheless Vladimir is a top-notch designer that can do massive work like I wanted."

Indra Widijanta, Plug & Play Inc

Convert Website Design in JPG/PNG to PSD (Fast Turnaround!)


Apr 2016

"Excellent work! I recommend Vladimir to everybody. Will use him again in the future!"

Eugenii Romanesh, Eson

PhoneGap developer wanted


Mar 2016 - Apr 2016


My target is to provide you great results based on my skills

Python, Appium, Memu

Android Bot

Useful to automate some actions. Appium was used in the single-server configuration to reduce CPU&RAM consumption. On an i7-2600K with 16Gb you'll be able to start 10 Memu Android bots simultaneously. Memu Play is recommended as the Emulator.

Hybrid Mobile App
PhoneGap, PHP, MySQL


PhoneGap App and PHP-MySQL API for Mobile App. AuroSave - the mobile app built on Зhonegap to shoot a picture and upload the image with GPS coordinates and comments to the remote server. User Registration With Email and Phone Number Verification User login module User upload picture & optimize, comment User history Tracking current location (GPS) User information Push notification Server API should be PHP based Server database should be MySQL built for iOS, Android.

PhoneGap, PHP, MySQL


It scans a QR barcode match with a database via web service, shows the result on the screen and updates the database indicate this item was read. The app has embedded QR reader, without a need to install another QR app on the device. The web services developed in PHP. The database is MySQL. Coded with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Client provided the PSD graphic design.

PhoneGap, Framework7


Yahoo Query Language API (YQL) Weather access - fast and easy way to get the required data. Here YQL is used to search locations and get weather data for selected ones. Flickr API - to show locations' photos. Responsive Layout. App has a bit different layout on tablets (large screens) to match Apple and Google guidelines. Local Storage. All your personal weather data is stored in Local Storage, so you don't need to add weather locations each time you launch the app. Manifest Cache. Due to Manifest Cache, you can still access the app without internet connection. You need an internet connection only when you need to update the weather data.

PhoneGap, PHP, Framework7

Moigorod Mobile App

Cross-platform Hybrid App made on PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) with Framework7. This Mobile App helps my client to increase the number of advertisers on his Portal. I have only had access to HTML data, so I've made PHP parser with JSON output, that loads data into the Mobile app. There is push notification using PushWoosh service.


PhoneGap Cordova Hybrid Mobile App. It is a webview wrapper with additional functionality so stores approve it.

Hybrid Mobile App
PhoneGap, Wordpress

Wordpress Crossplatform App

You can use your existing Wordpress site, as a desktop and mobile browser version Frontend and Backend, while Mobile App is so fast and clear. Everything is simple - you work with Wordpress and create content for the mobile app. Clever and magnificent solution. Hybrid Moblie App offers all advantages of native, including sharing, taking photos, geolocation and many more! The very good reason to look more on Hybrid App - development is times faster and in many areas that's more than enough solution.

PHP, Cron

PHP Instagram API Scraper

It is a custom PHP script that extracts Instagram profiles that meet specific criteria We input Instagram usernames for the script to scrape. The script then goes to the Instagram profile pages and evaluates each user who has left a comment on each post on that particular profile page. For example, if the profile we would like to scrape is ​Karen Cruz Control​. She has 1,600+ posts, and each photo has 35 comments on average. So, this means the script should go to Karen’s Instagram profile page, and it should filter through each one of the 1,600 posts, and evaluate each user profile for anyone who has left a comment on the 1,600 posts, and if they match the criteria below, the script should extract that users Instagr am ​name and ​profile URL into a spreadsheet.

PHP, Telegram API

Telegram stock market game PHP bot

Bot is a stock market game made for learning course. Built using PHP and Telegram API

PHP, MySQL, Zebrum Lite

JDM review Generator

The bot is a stock market game made for learning course. Built using PHP and Telegram API.

PHP, Curl

Gigamega Uploader

Creates a text content file from the MySQL database. The output file is a content file for Zebrum Lite CMS.

Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Mailchimp

WooCommerce Site for Kitchen Company

WP Bakery (Visual Composer) Many customizations/plugins Over 11 000 of images batch imported.

Wordpress, PHP, MySQL

WooCommerce Photostock

WP Bakery (Visual Composer). Many customizations/plugins. Over 11 000 of images batch imported.

Landing page

IV Youth Business Forum

Average conversion rate - 31.1%. City Government wanted a landing page to register Young Entrepreneurs on Business Forum. Main goals are high conversion and mobile friendly. Page was built using HTML5, CSS3 and Google form for registration.

Landing pages Pack

Rodeo Bull

Pack of 3 Landing pages for Amusement Attraction - Rodeo Bull Web & Mobile Design landing-pages, conversion-rate-optimization, responsive-web-design, html5, css3, PHP. The idea of this Landing Pages Pack is to segment traffic to the different page depending on the source. A simple TDS-like script was written to distribute the traffic: yellow and blue made to sell as a retail product, while the black page was oriented in franchise customers. I built this page using HTML5/CSS3. AIDA rules and things as unique selling proposition and deadline made conversion rate better than customer predicted. These pages were used in further tests and A/B splits and shown very good CR.

Landing page

Vane&Chimney Landing Page

Primary customers are retail and condominium's managers.

Wordpress, PHP, CSS3, HTML5

Landing page for Federal Ecology Recycle Program

Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS

Website for FEFRI

The website for Far East Forestry Research Institute Site was made for Far East Forestry Research Institute (FEFRI) English and Russian versions.

Wordpress, Woocommerce

Pirant Vostok

Fire equipment shop, B2B and B2C company

HTML, CSS, Zebrum

Tourism Agency site

This project started in 2008. The client asks to take care of the site, content, and traffic. CMS used is Zebrum lite - it is pretty fast and clean, at least for those times.

Affiliate CPA Website

Cardsharp Landing Page

One of the many CPA landing pages I've created. Total ROI starts from 27% and then keep steady on 35% after some split tests on the landing and experiments with banners and texts.

Wordpress, PPC, HTML, CSS

Ticket Sale Site

Wordpress responsive simple design. Quick buy option. This site was made as a Backend for a mobile app. When a user shares a post, his friends get a link to the mobile-friendly site.

PHP, Zebrum, HTML, CSS

Parser Made for

Content for a network of MFL sites was parsed from different sources, including 1 million pages from Russian top torrent tracker. Content mixed and synonymized. ROI on this project was around 300%. A total number of satellites is 200+. CMS is customized Zebrum lite for good speed and low hosting load.

Personal Blog
Wordpress, HTML, CSS

Wordpress Travel Blog

Just one of the many WP blogs. Nothing very exciting, just polished configuration, SEO, cache, and security. The project was made a long time ago just for fun.

Zebrum, PHP, HTML, CSS

Lazzer cutter landing

My client offers laser cutting services and needs more customers. There are not many competitors in this niche, so mid-budget advertising and pretty good landing page make conversion rate pretty high.


Company Website

Tech support. Plasma CNC cutter and Metal welding company.

Reviews Website
PHP, HTML, CSS, Zebrum

JDM Review site

This project was made to share reviews and opinions for JDM car users. Monetizing was made via Google Adwords and link exchange system.

Landing Page
PHP, Zebrum

Tasty and Healthy food site

This Landing Page was made for gaining user list interested in weight-loss. Monetization made via Affiliate Marketing. More than 10 000 of recipes are published, most with useful how-to photos. After a user subscribes, he or she gets relevant help and advice on daily food. Many offers were tested on this customers, results are better than I expected. Of course, this target achieved after some test iterations and analysis.

Python, MongoDB

Youla Classifieds grabber

Python (using grab multithreading spider) & MongoDb Youla grabber

Python, MongoDB

IRR Classifieds grabber

Python (using grab multithreading spider) & MongoDb Youla grabber

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